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OnEnglish Online is a digital school which is far ahead of traditional English courses. It is the result of significant investment and extensive research in active methodologies and educational technology.

Learning is acquired continuously and solidly, and language use is geared toward a range of professional, academic or social contexts. The specific needs of each student are taken into account, helping them build their language skills in a personalized way and expand their opportunities for participation in the globalized world.

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Digital tools

Technological tools provide an opportunity to redefine the collaborative and individualized learning process. OnEnglish Online uses virtual environments which incorporate innovative digital tools that enable a closer communication between student and tutor, expanding the opportunities for acquiring linguistic and intercultural skills.

In addition to videos, reading materials and activities developed exclusively for the courses, the weekly meetings with the tutor offer personalized feedback so you can monitor your performance. Everything is just a click away: in online tutoring, you have more control over your own learning, and practical results for immediate application come fast.

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Critical thinking and speaking skills

English beyond

Multicultural approach

Intercultural methodology to expand cultural repertoire.

Develop your presentation skills

Improve your speaking strategies.

Solid experience in international exams

Strong expertise in Cambridge exams and other prestigious exams.


Karina Fernandes

  • Extensive experience in developing and implementing bilingual programs and curricula in schools in São Paulo, such as Colégio Vértice and Móbile Integral, and Minas Gerais, such as Escola Integra;
  • Creator and curator of courseware for English teaching, proficiency tests and bilingual programs and curricula;
  • Training specialist for English teachers and bilingual assistants;
  • Cambridge examiner —YLE, KET, PET FCE, CAE and CPE;
  • Over 20 years’ experience teaching English language and its literatures in top English language schools and institutes in São Paulo, such as Colégio Vértice, Escola Móbile and Cultura Inglesa, as well as in companies and private classes;
  • Online educator and tutor certified by the International House World Organisation;
  • Graduated from USP, with ample academic performance.
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Gustavo Laredo

  • Journalist graduated from Faculdade Cásper Líbero;
  • Specialized in English Language and English Language Literatures from Universidade Paulista;
  • He worked at such magazines as Globo Rural and Pequenas Empresas, Grandes Negócios;
  • Translator of contents from English into Portuguese;
  • Over 15 years’ experience as a private English language teacher.
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Our Services

OnEnglish Online offers custom-made solutions focused on high-level performance:


Weekly virtual meetings (synchronous activities).


English exams preparation

Teaching in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Consultancy for bilingual schools and teacher training programmes.

Lectures, online courses and workshops.


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